Release Notes

June 18, 2019

What's New

  • “Release Notes” in Profile Settings and RSS feed reader access: Access our weekly release notes by clicking the new Release Notes item in your profile settings or by subscribing to the release notes feed through your personal RSS feed reader. For Web, Mac, and Windows.
  • Filter Views: Create a filter view when you don’t want to change the view of the spreadsheet for all shared collaborators. Save and reuse your filter views, so you don’t have to waste time configuring them again. For Web, Mac, Windows. Learn More
  • Spreadsheets in Slides: You can now add a spreadsheet to any slide in Quip. Use it as a simple table to organize information or as a full-featured spreadsheet for serious number crunching. For Web, Mac, Windows.
  • Improved search on mobile: Now you’ll see even more relevant results when you search for documents, folders, and people on our mobile app. For iOS and Android.
  • Link Previews: You can now preview the titles, summaries, and thumbnails for links shared in mobile messages. For iOS.

Versions: Web, Mac 5.5.9, Windows 5.7.3, iOS 5.5.2, Android 5.5.2